International delivery of consolidated cargoes is one of the priorities of the company ALEV-TRANS activities.

Due to the use of the vast network of consolidation warehouses (Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, the Baltic States), as well as a chain of intermediate concentration points, we are able to offer flexible system for pricing and selection of options for organizing your goods transportation.

Experience of operation in the logistics market of consolidated cargoes and the principle of focus on customer of the company allows us to offer you a higher level of service compared to the market.

At rendering services of the transportation of consolidated cargoes we adhere to the following principles:

  • Quality of cargo transportation — compliance to all international rules and standards.
  • Safety of your cargo — control over the safety of dispatch is carried out at all stages of transportation. The responsibility of our company is insured with a limit of payout up to USD 1 mln per one insured event. Also, we have an opportunity to provide the service of supplementary insurance.
  • Control — transportation of cargo is carried out under continuous monitoring. At any moment you can find out the location of each one lot of goods.
  • Promptness of delivery — thanks to our foreign and Russian partners the transportation of goods takes place exactly on time, without significant delay. We perform all the contractual obligations.

For calculation of cost of delivery for consolidated cargoes and on issues of transporting certain types of goods please phone to the sales department or use the form of communication with our operators. We are interested in the success of our customers.

Transportation geography:

  • From Europe to Russia

Stroenie 8, 4 km Ilynskogo shosse,
p/o Arkhangelskoe, Krasnogorskiy rayon, Moskovskaya oblast, Russia