Air Transportation

International air cargo transportation is the fastest and most reliable way of delivery over long cross-border distances. Air transportation is the only appropriate logistics solution for a company that relies heavily on the speed and continuity of expensive shipments to ensure its success.

There are several factors supporting this method of delivery:

  • High speed of international transportation is the factor that makes the air service superior to all other methods of transportation.
  • The maximum safety of goods in transit is ensured. No special escort is required for aircraft, and strict control at airports and restriction of unauthorized access to air cargo terminals minimizes the risk of cargo theft.
  • Fast cargo delivery to regions with poor or non-existent road infrastructure, including remote islands.
  • Customs control within the possible shortest period of time. International air cargo transportation only requires customs clearance twice, when taking-off and landing (as opposed to overland transport, which can be checked at each state border).

The high cost of air transportation is probably the only disadvantage, however, the above-mentioned advantages compensate for it.

It is common for our company to use air transport in multimodal delivery schemes, so we have gained extensive experience in this field of transportation services. We are able to maintain a flexible pricing policy and a high level of service thanks to close cooperation with the most reliable air carriers.

Cost Multimodal transportation
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