Rail Transportation

The relevance of rail transportation does not diminish with the rapid development of logistics schemes, delivery methods and cargo handling.

This type of transportation is less used by our company compared to road, air and sea transportation in the total volume of deliveries to our customers. However, rail transportation is an absolutely essential part of the multimodal delivery scheme on certain, very important routes.

Rolling Stock Selection Features:

The appropriate types of railway rolling stock are selected depending on the cargo type, its volume and quantity, storage and packaging conditions.

  • covered wagons are used for various consumer goods, equipment and materials that require protection from the weather;
  • tank wagons are designed to transport liquids, powders, and liquefied gas;
  • open wagons are intended for the carriage of bulks and oversized cargoes that do not require protection from the weather;
  • refrigerators are designed for goods requiring temperature maintenance;
  • hopper is a kind of wagon used for transportation of grain, cement, crushed stone, and other loose materials.
  • special platforms are used to transport machines, equipment and goods that do not require protection from precipitation;
  • dumpcars are designed for transportation and mechanized loading of loose and lump materials;
  • containers of different types and sizes.

Cargo collecting from the Shipper, Transloasing to railway transport, Rail transportation, Transloading to a truck, Auto delivery to the destination.

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