Road Transportation throughout Russia and other CIS countries

Road cargo transportation throughout Russia and other CIS countries is the most popular delivery method required by Cargo Owners, as there is a number of undeniable advantages, especially for transportation within countries such as the Russian Federation and the EEU countries. Due to the lack of developed air and railway communication in most of the settlements of these countries, the road cargo transportation is the only option to get the required goods and establish trade relations with other regions.

"ALEV-TRANS" has been providing national road transportation services since its foundation and can claim confidently enough that cargo transportation in Russia by motor vehicles is highly demanded not only due to the possibility of door-to-door delivery, but also due to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness, speed, reliability, transparency, and predictability of this mode of transport.

Our company offers the following advantages of cargo transportation:

  • A wide range of vehicles. Our company uses various types of trucks for transportation, thus offering the best option based on the customers needs and requirements.
  • Speed. With modern technical means, highly qualified staff, and a strong focus on the result, we ensure the delivery of goods in the shortest time.
Cost Road haulage
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