Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo


Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes (OHC) is one of the most complex and important business activities of OOO ALEV-TRANS for the company's development and its market competitiveness. For over 10 years we have been successfully delivering oversized and project cargoes both to international destinations and all regions of Russia.

Oversized cargo is a large-size object, the actual dimensions or the weight of which is bigger than the maximum permitted values set in the national legislation of the country through the territory of which the cargo is transported. This may include, for example, special outsizal equipment and spare parts, industrial machinery and facilities, building blocks, and steel structures.

Project cargoes are a special oversized cargo, commonly forming a single unit (plants, production lines, drilling rigs, large pieces of equipment), which requires a large number of transport units, often of different types and modes. Engineering intervention in road infrastructure (lifting power lines, dismantling bridges, building extra roads, and etc.) may be required.

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Calculating the Cost of Oversized and Heavy Transportation

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The Advantages of Oversized Cargo Transportation with the OOO ALEV-TRANS

1. the company offers extensive geography of cargo transportation both throughout the country and abroad;
2. the route and the mode of transport are selected individually for each customer;
3. the company fully controls the delivery of the cargo starting from its loading up to its transfer to the recipient;
4. the сompany provides assistance in the preparation of support documentation, including customs documentation;
5. the company offers a wide range of additional services such as insurance, packaging, etc.

Extensive cargo transportation geography

Individual selection of route and transport

Complete cargo delivery control

Assistance in the preparation of support documentation, including customs documentation

Cost calculation

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