International Transportation of Oversized and Heavy Cargoes

The "ALEV-TRANS" has been engaged in international transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes since 2009 and has gained extensive experience and created effective schemes in transport selection, obtaining special permits, and developing optimal delivery routes.

The most challenging part of the international transportation of oversized cargo is the preparation of cargo documentation, based on the specific legal requirements of different countries on the territory in which the transportation is carried out. In order to obtain the special permission of the authorized body, the official data must be carefully analyzed and the accuracy of the information provided by the customer on the cargo must be verified. In addition, this procedure requires both financial and time expenditures.

One of the most important aspects is to ensure the safety and integrity of cargo during transportation, which may require transloading to different vehicles (especially for transcontinental multimodal transportation). Cargo location and securing schemes, as well as possibilities for transshipment at terminals and ports while cargo is being transported, are developed by certified specialists in advance and taking into account all possible risks and circumstances.

Our experts are ready to consult, find the best route, calculate the rate, and take responsibility for the entire delivery process of oversized, heavy, and project cargo of any complexity from almost anywhere in the world.

Cost Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo
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