Road transportation of oversized and heavy cargo throughout Russia and other CIS countries

Oversized and heavy cargo transportation is an important and fast growing business activity of "ALEV-TRANS", LLC in Russia. We have successfully delivered such cargoes both to and from Europe and to all regions of Russia for more than 10 years.

Oversized and heavy cargo delivery at any destination is an extremely demanding and important process, requiring the use of special equipment, obtaining various permits, thorough study and agreement on routes in the supervisory authorities, organization of cargo escort, etc. Our company employs both its own vehicles and special oversized platforms and trawls from reliable Russian and Belarusian contractors, our long-time business partners.

Our experts will develop the optimal route and organize and carry out road transportation of oversized (long, bulky, unstable, etc.) and heavy cargo throughout the Russian Federation in a very short time, ensuring safety and meeting the current regulations of government agencies in the Russian Federation.

Cost Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo
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