Customs clearance of cargo


All commercial consignments transported across the border are subject to customs control. Both import and export cargoes are transported according to the requirements of the applicable regulations. The main principle of customs clearance in Moscow is to provide correct and reliable information about the cargo. Failure to comply with this condition may result in the arrest of the cargo and the imposition of administrative liability on the recipient.

The assistance of a customs representative in organizing the cargo clearance process will significantly simplify the task of companies engaged in international economic activity.

The Customs Representative of OOO "ALEV-TRANS" has been carrying out the activity since 2000 and is included in the Register of Customs Representatives (Certificate of Inclusion in the Register of Customs Representatives No. 0909/00). The company's experts are highly qualified and experienced and are familiar with all the peculiarities of customs affairs. We have earned a reputation as a reliable business partner in customs clearance and are ready to work with any cargo group.

Customs representative services

Each organization engaged in international economic activity manages cargo transport across borders. The transportation of cargo across the border requires the careful preparation of documents to declare cargo in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

All necessary documents and cargo escorting during international transportation shall be prepared by a qualified customs representative. Trying to understand customs clearance on your own is not only time-consuming but also expensive.

To meet our Customer's requirement to receive a complex of services including cargo transportation and customs clearance, we decided to provide services in the customs field, as a customs representative, and created a new trend in our activities.

The main factors, based on which customers should choose ALEV-TRANS specialists to carry out customs procedures, include knowledge of customs legislation, a professional approach, and a desire to minimize the costs of business partners when dealing with Customs. The Customs Representative shall act on the basis of the Certificate of Inclusion in the Register of Customs Representatives issued by the Federal Customs Service of Russia. Being an experienced participant in the market for customs clearance services, the ALEV-TRANS provides assistance in carrying out international economic activities.

Our qualified and experienced specialists will assist you in resolving customs clearance issues in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in a timely and high-quality manner.

Customs representative services:

Assistance in the preparation of documents and goods for the execution of foreign economic transactions

Determination of the classification code of goods according to CN FEA, and calculation of customs payments

Quality analysis and evaluation of the set of documents required for customs clearance of transactions

Representing the interests of customers in customs authorities in the performance of customs operations with respect to customer goods

Execution of electronic customs declaration required for conducting customs operations

Performing the necessary negotiations with customs authorities on behalf of the Customer

Informing about progress in the processing of documents

Working with various organizations on behalf of customers to carry out operations in the interest of customers

Cost Cost
Customs carrier services

"ALEV-TRANS" has a Customs Carrier license since 2014. This status also has several advantages in comparison to TIR Carnets (TIR) and other types of customs security required.

Our customs carrier services will be needed in the following cases:

  • customs fees exceed the maximum security amount specified in the TIR Carnet;
  • the Customs authorities instruct you to transport cargo only under a customs escort because of the nature of the cargo imported into the Customs Union;
  • the Customs authorities require security for customs payments;
  • consolidated shipments to be delivered to different customs destinations.

The "ALEV-TRANS" conducts the import of goods into the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union in the shortest time and with minimal financial expenditures for its customers, due to the TIR procedure and the Customs Carrier status.

List of documents for calculation of cost and customs payments

In order to determine the cost of the service and calculate customs payments, it is necessary to provide the customs representative with all
the necessary information about the transported cargo, namely:

It is possible that in the process of processing information may need additional documents confirming the quality and safety of products and goods.


Full name of importer / exporter and manufacturer of goods


Necessary customs procedure


Customs clearance region


The actual location of the cargo


Foreign trade Agreement/ Contract, agreement, order, commercial offer


Country of origin/destination


Country of origin


Accompanying documents to the goods (invoice)


Commodity codes by commodity code, if known


Detailed product description


Certificates, permits, certificates for goods


Other information relevant for customs clearance purposes

Calculating the Cost of Services and Customs Payments

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The advantages of customs clearance of cargo with the OOO ALEV-TRANS

The main criteria for selecting a business partner in customs clearance shall be the experience of the customs broker and the cost of his services. Following these criteria, we fully meet the expectations of most companies, as our experts have more than a decade of experience in customs services, and the cost of providing services is below the market. If you choose an OOO ALEV-TRANS customs representative as your business partner, you also get a customs carrier with its own modern fleet of vehicles.

We cooperate with leading international organizations in various business sectors. Our longstanding business partners include such giants as Volkswagen, Viessmann, Schneider Electric, Rehau and others. You are welcome to be one of our business partners and together we will optimize your logistics processes.

Own modern vehicle fleet

Customs carrier

Customs representative

Extensive cargo transportation geography

Complete cargo delivery control

Cost calculation

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